Christiano Ronaldo goes Undercover as Homeless Man

The list of people that will want to die when they see this video:

  • The makeup artist that couldn’t quite feel Christiano‚Äôs abs through the dummy shirt.
  • The girl that wouldn’t let Ronaldo nutmeg her.
  • The old lady that refused to play football with Ronaldo.
  • The old man who did the worst pass back of all time.
  • The classy girl who didn’t give RONALDO her number.
  • The guy who refused to take a photo of Ronaldo posing, from point blank range.
  • The girl who sounds like she fell off her chair when Ronaldo reveals himself.

The only people who didn’t regret this day were:

  • The boy of course
  • The drummer who got to play keep it up with Ronaldo.
  • The man in a suit who tried to tackle him. Even though this attempts were hilariously futile.