Calvin Harris & Rihanna – This is What You Came For

In film they have the blockbuster, in football it’s the Superbowl and in food we have Christmas. The moments where only the very best ingredients all come together to make something that everyone expects to be one of the best parts of the year!

In music it’s hard to allocate a particular term to such an event, but if music did have a blockbuster, this track would definitely be one of them! Two genre leading mega stars collaborating to create industry gold. You’ve probably already heard the tune on the radio or out and about, but the video is something else!

With mega stars comes the mega bucks to create a video of unparalleled production value. If you don’t like bright flashing lights, best stay clear. But if raves, lasers, sports cars parked indoors, holograph tents and Rihanna’s face are more your thing, then this video will be right up your alley.