10 Weird Inventions that will Blow your Mind

In this day and age it seems like someone is inventing something new every 5 minutes. So how does one get their brand new innovation to stand out? Easy, make it wonderfully insane. I say easy, it’s actually incredibly hard.

What’s most interesting about this compilation is that these things are actually used in real life. Love tomatoes? Now there’s a machine that will feed you tomatoes, like a portable putler / slave. Tired of cleaning your own floors and playing Cinderella? Turn your crawling infant into an automated mop by dressing them in a mop covered onesie.

Watching things like this really makes you feel like there is a market for pretty much anything in this world. So why not get out there and make something! Or on the other hand if that’s not your thing, you could just get one of those pillows that wraps around your head like a giant full face helmet, and shut the world out while you nap at your desk.